miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009

12. Cos it feels so empty without me!

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Xellif dijo...

primero primero, y si se tardaron un rato en volver

José Eduardo dijo...

Creo que en realidad es codependencia. Nosotros necesitamos vuestra creatividad mientras los monitos y el maese Cavallazzi la atención de sus fans de la muerte :D

SaRa dijo...

oh si...los extrañaba!!! :D

son taaan buenos!!!

Pandy dijo...

hahaha i need attention too! once i even invented a rap song just to get attention, the lyrics went a little like this:

in every little nation
we find denigration
but we stand together
and we will share our ration

then we stop using this termination
and we start using some other specification
like a word used in some quotation
or i dont know i just want attention

i just want attention
this time this nation
with desperation
ill get attention!

hahaha i know im good, my rap names Pan-D!

so Pan-D for life yo!

Cavallazzi dijo...

A todos... gracias por venir.

Tats, me enseñó that rap song Pan-D! Un día perderás ante el mic de MC-Cava!
Respect 10200 Out! (gang sign)

Pandy dijo...

Interesting.. sounds very challenging, and even if i doubt you stand a chance before me, im quite curious about your skills, i mean, that cocky answer came from somewhere right? or youre just another bluffer?

ill leave you with something that just came to mi mind now..

Pan-D!!!!!!! (choir voices and glorious orchestra)

(yeah.. expectation silence)

Pu Pupt ckshh pupt ckshh! (background beatbox guy)

Punk rock
pu pu pu punk rock!
Punk rock rocker
like jarvis cocker
but breaking that locker
out coming my brother!
before you get reloaded
and looking like rubber
not green like flubber
but killing it on red!
talking like homeless
and leaving them cold dead.

Peace (pose)

(choir fadeout)